How to buy cheaper with Revolut


For almost three years now, I have been using the Revolut card, and this greatly eliminates overpayments and unnecessary movements. If you consider that it is also free, then it becomes very good.

What kind of card is it, what are its pros and cons – I tell in this article and give a coupon for a bonus of 5 euros (equivalent in your currency) during registration.

The main charm of the card is that it is truly multi-currency – Revolut supports more than 150 currencies. As soon as you receive a card, you can exchange any currency for any at the standard exchange rate. This means – without extra margins and conversions.

How to use Revolut card

Example 1. Travel

For example, you are traveling abroad. If you pay with a card in any other currency while traveling, you will inevitably lose on conversion. It remains either to use cash, or put up with losses. And with the Revolyut card, it is enough to exchange the currency in advance in the application (at the standard interbank rate, not the exchange rate of the exchangers !!) and later – no conversions and commissions when calculating this card. It is very convenient, and you do not need to run in search of an exchanger.

Example 2. Shopping

If you often make purchases in foreign stores (including airline tickets, ebay, amazon, etc.), then Revolut is an excellent opportunity for you not to lose money on conversions, paying immediately in the currency of the store.

Example 3. Services in different countries

If you use Uber abroad and pay with your card in the currency of your country, then you overpay because of the difference in rates. Connect the Revolyt card to your Uber and peers account and you can pay in the desired currency, without additional conversions.

Example 4. Sending money

Transferring money between users of Revolut is a matter of a couple of seconds. Anything can happen on trips, and if your friends have an account in this system, in case of force majeure they will be able to help you out quickly and without overpayment.

Example 5. VIP lounges at airports

As a rule, access to VIP lounges with free food, silence and often showers are available only to premium card holders, whose maintenance is expensive. The basic version of Revolution (which is free) does not provide such an option either, but in the premium version, which costs about 7 euros per month, access to VIP rooms is already appearing. Today this is the only offer I know for the money.

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