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  • 🍀 [ Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth ] Built in Full- Duplex Bluetooth intercom, our FreedConn helmet motorcycle BM12 supports 3 riders pairing but 2 riders intercom meanwhile, range up to 1640 feet ( 500M). This 2019 new motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth supports 300 hours standby, 8…
  • Last updated on June 8, 2021 2:50 am

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    Specification: Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom Radio




    FreedConn BM12 Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

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    8.66 x 5.24 x 4.61 inches

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    BM12 Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet Liner

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    BM12 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Liner

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    Clear & Tinted Visor to Change

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    1. Obi Wan

      There are three parts to this movie that you will think you understand as it progresses. The beginning. The middle. And The end.Even as you think you’re understanding each part you’ll suddenly start questioning your understand of all three parts. And you’ll be entertained by the confusion! (I know this makes no sense. Watch the movie and it will.)I’m not going to go into details. I’m not going to spoil anything. But I will tell you that the entire movie is wonderfully entertaining. And it will keep you thinking the entire time, trying to figure out what’s going on. It’s very confusing, but not in a “poorly told story” way. It’s confusing on purpose, just like a magic show it. The entire film about two magicians and their magic shows is one misdirection after another. Just like an actual magic show is.The whole thing is so well done.It’s extremely well acted. It’s a great story. The set design and costuming is incredibly well done. All of this makes it a very immersive experience.I don’t know how this movie slipped largely under the radar because its really good.Plus, how often do you get to see Alfred help Wolverine fight against Batman?

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    2. Cantanopy

      Inception has been making it to my favorite movie I have ever seen, and pushed E.T. out of the way. With a lot of effort though; I love the little alien that I had seen in the cinema when I was 6 years old.But Inception is something special; something really amazing.It is not often that you will find a story-line so well thought out, and a movie so well written and acted as this one. Movies about dreaming and hi-jacking other people’s dreams usually feel corny. And here it feels so real that you take it all to be unquestionable. Clearly, the people writing this movie have covered the tracks so well, that just like the people who get dreams force-fed in the movies, we take it all for reality.Like a freight-train this movie starts with a slow pace to quickly pick up speed, and instead of leaving it there, adds only more speed to the mix. It never is over-done, but when the movie comes to an end and the pacing slows down again – it is a welcome experience. It is a long movie, but it is a ride that you won’t forget.I like Christopher Nolan’s work, and love his style of approaching a story and putting it into a film, but this to me is his masterpiece.

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    3. M. Ormandy

      This is an amazing movie, and visually one of the very few TRUE 4K movies (film, effect, post-production all 4K or nearly 4K) out there. First, if you are not ready to sit down and put your mind into the movie, don’t bother watching it. It’s complex, and deep. It’s about family, selflessness, sacrifice, and the amazing vastness of time and space. I would consider myself a technical person, and a reasonably intelligent person, but only after my third viewing (today, finally got the UHD Blu Ray and watched the third time) do I fully understand everything that was happening. About 3/4 of the way through the movie goes into some pretty crazy territory, but it actually all makes sense once you fully understand what is happening. Things like black holes and worm holes and the effects of gravity and velocity on time and how that would effect the travelers vs. those they left behind are intense subjects. Leaving a dying earth and a seemingly doomed family including young kids behind to have some shot at saving their future is an intense concept to me as a father. There is no way to quickly tell a story this deep or technical, and I can see how it just might be too much for many.As far s the picture and sound, wow. First one negative, the voice tracks lack gain and is too quiet. On a TV it might not matter, but on a home theater, you will need to crank up the center channel a bit. And the bass / low frequencies are truly something to behold, the cleanest and most powerful I’ve ever heard on a movie soundtrack…I brought the sub-woofer down about 1.5 db. Once properly balanced, the sound track on this movie will absolutely amaze those with a good home theater system….it will rock you, and to me it surpassed movie theater sound by a good margin. Picture is simply stunning. Shot partly on 35 mm and partly on imax 70 mm, and then combined with 4k and 5.6k visual effects and a 4k digital intermediate, this is as good as it gets today. Unlike most “4K” movies that are really fake 4K, this is the real deal…no shortcuts. On my 70″ 4k Samsung TV, it looked truly amazing.For those of you complaining about the streaming version not impressing you, please understand something. If you want to see REAL 4k quality, get a 4k blu ray player. 4k streams are so compressed and lossy compared to a UHD Blu Ray it’s like night and day. Streaming may be the future, but it is not the present, at least not in 4k (and I’m an avid cord-cutter to boot). Neither providers or end users have the bandwidth to process a true UHD Blu Ray quality stream at this time, period, end of story. “4k” streams are a JOKE compared to UHD Blu Ray, and a bad joke at that. LG now has $100 UHD Blu Ray players, and it’s worth every penny, so consider one if video quality is super important to you your family as it is mine.For someone who has nearly 3 hours to devote to a pretty intense movie with some of the most amazing video and sound you have every encountered, it’s well worth the time. For those wanting something light-hearted and quick-paced, look elsewhere.

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    4. Russell S

      I LOVED IT! I have read all the reviews that it was boring and slow…..I considered it a pot boiler. It built up for sure and to me as a history buff, I was fascinated in what seems to me to be a very factual and frightening telling of a terrible happening in History. I know the British consider it some kind of victory but it saddened me the massive loss of life and also the cost to the French, my heart went out to the French and the British alike. The British civilians who took to their pleasure crafts and went to the rescue is awe inspiring. That is the history of it. The scope of this production was massive and beautifully done. The actors were very much underdone as to give the actual event the starring role. I loved the actors and the acting and the direction and the effects which looked to me to be real as opposed to CGI. Bravo and Bravo………

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    5. Shelby

      No matter how many times I watch this movie, I don’t get tired of it and I almost always find something new. A classmate recently wrote a paper on the film on the subject of habits and goals and gave me yet another facet of the story to focus on. I usually love Christopher Nolan movies and this one is no different, great story, creative narrative structure, and believable acting. Definitely recommend!

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    6. R. Donnell

      I have watched virtually every WWII film ever made, but have never seen as an original masterpiece as Dunkirk. Those who are familiar with the history of the evacuation of the British army from the French beaches of Dunkirk in 1940 may have seen the past dry/unremarkable film and documentary versions recounting this event.This film is a complete 180 degree turn in both the visual and very intense soundtrack experience. The scenes in which we see the Spitfire pilot(s) in the cockpit and their unique aerial perspective(s) are poignant and memorable, to say the very least, even after several months since seeing the film. While most films present a 2 dimensional ‘watching from a distance’ experience, Dunkirk puts the viewer on the beach and in the cockpit of that Spitfire with the feeling of being a first-person participant. The result is a refreshingly unique take on a ‘been-there-done-that’ subject, and done in a way unmatched in modern war film history. The suble cinematic nuances that continue throughout this film are simply icing on an already well crafted cake.

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    7. Knuckle87

      I’m not going to bore you with a drawn out armchair review, I’ll give you 5 bullet points in favor of the film(1 for each star).1.) Leonardo DiCaprio does a fantastic job as the main protagonist in the film.2.) The ‘dream world’ dream within a dream moments and the theory of time slowing are fun mind puzzles to unravel.3.) The action is well paced and suspenseful.4.) The music score and settings all flow together well.5.) The action is nothing to sneeze at, there’s quite a bit of gun play and fist fights.I hope you check this movie out if you haven’t, it’s a true gem!

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    8. Colin Luck

      This movie is so close to how my father told us about his escape from Dunkirk. He was a Royal Fusilier and my brother tells me that our father escaped the beach at Dunkirk with his platoon in an old tar boat (canvas stretched over a wood frame waterproofed with tar). It started leaking and 4 were rowing while 16 bailed. They got about a mile offshore and encountered a Naval lighter launch. They threw him a ball of rope which landed smack in the middle of his hand. They were then towed out another mile or two to a minesweeper HMS Leader and they scrambled up the torpedo nets to get aboard just in time to see the tar boat slip under the waves. Our father passed away 15 years ago and his name is in the church of St. Sepulchre-Without-Newgate on Holborn Viaduct. Wikipedia gives a comprehensive description of the church and it’s features including the Royal Fusiliers City of London chapel of rest along with the 6th Battalion City of London Rifles. When you enter the church from Holborn Viaduct the chapel of rest is on the right hand side when facing the altar. Our father’s name is engraved on the oak panelling on the outer wall. Our father went on to fight in the final stages of the African campaign in Tunisia. He was downgraded medically because of his osteoarthritic knees and placed on prison guard duty in Italy while the main battalion landed at Salerno and onto Monte-Cassino. He volunteered to join the expeditionary force to liberate Greece and landed at Kalamata in the Southern Peloponnese and stayed 6 months after the war mopping up communist partisans. I have included a photo of our father in the army.

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    9. Sheri

      What an unusual movie. Special effects at the beginning running the film backwards lets you know you will be seeing the movie in rewind mode. Imagine you have to cope with short term memory loss, that what you experienced will be gone in the next few minutes. Leonard has to take quick notes and snapshots to remember and give him a reference for what and why things are happening in the present. If he wakes up next to a strange woman in bed and doesn’t remember her he has to ask or find a clue as to how she got there. He is vulnerable to not-so-nice people. He can remember his life before the hit to the head but will forget everything that takes place afterwards in a matter of minutes. When things and clues are really important he has them inked in his skin. It is the quest to find a killer that keeps him going. And we are put in his position of looking back at all the clues to see why things are turning out as they do.

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    10. Melinda DeBirk

      This is my favorite movie of all time, by far. I am an AP Physics teacher, engineer, and former NASA employee. This movie captured all of the wonder and majesty of interstellar travel. But even better, this movie is scientifically accurate (as far as we have knowledge). It began not with the Nolans, but with Kip Thorne, the Caltech astrophysicist and contemporary of Stephen Hawking, and a Hollywood producer friend of his. Kip wanted to make a movie that was scientifically accurate and inspired people to look into science. When the Nolans took over as writers and directors, Kip’s one rule was that the movie couldn’t break the laws of physics. That right there should tell you that this movie is special and deep.And boy is it ever. BOY is it ever. As one who knows the physics of what’s happening (and I recommend Kip’s book “The Science of Interstellar” to further explain it), it’s breath-taking. What would a worm-hole really look like? What would a black hole really look like? By the way, the digital arts team won an Oscar and were published in scientific journals for the first-ever accurate portrayal of a black hole. That alone is worth it. What happens with relativity as you approach a black hole? What would time look like as a physical dimension?I also found the story very compelling: mankind a few generations from now, struggling to conquer the stars before their home planet loses its ability to support them, with all of the drama of families trapped on opposite ends of relativity and across solar systems with little to no hope. It was breath-taking.For those who don’t like it, it might simply be that the meaning and messages aren’t all getting across. Isn’t that the case in any movie though? Anyway, as one who understands the science happening, I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Thank you, Kip, for your vision and bringing this gem to us all.

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    11. Clay H.

      When I first watched Interstellar in the theater, I loved it because I’m a bit of a physics geek. I loved the dedication to getting the astrophysics right, and I was blind to the other messages being portrayed by the movie. Fast forward to sharing this with my children, and I have a very different perspective. Most of the movie is suspenseful, and asks tough questions of survival, but the end scene portraying those who survived shows the result of an unspoken genocide. In the end scene, we see a space station populated by white people happily farming and playing baseball, with not one person of color represented. That there is not a single person of color present implies that only people who were white made it into the space station, and everyone else was left behind on a doomed planet — thus the unspoken genocide. I realize some people might say I’m being too sensitive because they see no problem — telling me, after all, it is just a movie and you don’t have to make everything about race. With those people, I’d have a discussion of how movies that are meant to spark scientific curiosity and inspire an adventurous spirit, yet only portray success for white people, leave those who are not white with a sense of being left out. People pick up on these subtle messages, even if only on a subconscious level, as if the movie is saying “see this future? see the people in it? … it’s not for you.” That is the horrible power of these messages. These messages are subtle, and shout louder than words ever could. These messages are felt by children in places parents can’t reach. I’m deleting this movie from my purchased videos because I can do better than showing my children these kind of messages.

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    12. gjones

      I decided to give these Lexin intercoms a chance and am glad I did. They do everything advertised well and they are easy to use which is to say, they aren’t so complex that its a hassle to use them. They pair up easy every time. Used them for a 6 hour street and dirt ride with no problems.My helmet fell to the ground once from the seat while I was walking away from the bike and the Lexin didn’t break (probably part luck but at least it put up a fight for me and didn’t just give up and shatter with the first impact). The volume is loud enough that I had earbuds in to listen to music (yes Lexin pairs with the phone but music especially the bass is better with ear buds) and was still able to hear my son talk to me on the intercom while riding and I didn’t even have the volume to max.Range varies with conditions but its adequate. I would seldom need more range than it has as we’d be so far apart that we really wouldn’t be riding together anymore.You cant just plug in your own earbuds to these however since the one jack these use is also wired to the mic, so keep that in mind. This is common but some brands do offer that capability albeit at much higher cost, more than double the cost typically. I thought that might bother me but since the speakers these come with are more than adequate, I can listen to music on my phone with earbuds for great sound, and still listen to the intercom through the earbuds. Works great unless you are just blasting the music which isn’t really a great idea anyway riding around, on the street at least.So if you are looking for something that gets the job done for half the price or less of the two or three dominators of the intercom world, these will work out well for you.

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    13. Lindsay M. Roberts

      These are great headsets. I initially bought the 2 pack for myself and my husband. We used them on our first trip out and we were pleasantly surprised. We used them for off-road riding and the headsets were loud enough to hear over the vehicles and they did not shift or fall out of place as we were riding over the rocks etc. For the price, these were great, and we are now gong to buy another pair to put in my kids’ helmets.Switching over from music to communication is very easy, it does take a few seconds (about 5-8) to connect if you are listening to music to switch over communication but that is a a minor “inconvenience” considering how good the system works. We rode for hours and had the headsets connected the entire time and the battery barely moved.I would recommend these to anyone looking for an affordable communication system.

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    14. Jazz

      Why would Saito hire a group of people for a job when they couldn’t even accomplish their first job extracting information from his mind? Wouldn’t he want to hire people with a better success ratio? Cobb says he’s the best and then his whole team fails right after, so… I guess perception is subjective eh? LolWhy did Cobb rush to the belief that accepting Saito’s inception job offer would also solve his law troubles so he could return back the states on faith alone so quickly? Wouldn’t he want to know more information about him first before accepting the offer? When he talks to Michael Caine in the lecture hall he sounds overwhelmingly convinced the job offer is the solution to everything, but why? Overacting?Where did the first “kick” come from to trigger the avalanche in the 3rd level if JGL hadn’t blown the floor in the 2nd level and the van hadn’t hit the water in the 1st level?How also was JGL on Level 2 with only “3 minutes” remaining able to make it down a flight of stairs and fight/kill a guy in the process, then fight/kill a guy in the hallway while bouncing around, THEN find the time to rope and bundle all of his comrades, push them into the elevator and THEN blow it.When Fischer dies on Level 3 and gets pushed into Level 4/Limbo, why is Level 4 Cobb’s world? Shouldn’t it still be Fischer’s limbo world since they’re all still inside his multi-layered dream??Every few years, I rewatch this movie hoping to get insight into why so many people consider it in their Top 5 of all-time, but it falls short every time. Yes the CGI and slow-mo is uber creative and cool and the concept is a nice spin on the “dream within a dream” trope, but a little more attention to the story setup would’ve been nice to add some plausibility. Suspension of disbelief really only stretches so far in the minds of your audience, not to mention Marion Cotillard and Leonardo Dicaprio have ZERO on-screen chemistry with each other and we’re supposed to believe they were married and he can’t get over her? Eh…Names… Dom Cobb, Mal Cobb, Ariadne… There’s something that feels pretentious about the character names chosen for the story. None of them seem to fit any particular person terribly well, which adds to their unrelatability. Even though you know the names of Cobb’s children, it feels like he’s fighting to get back to the “idea” of them, but you don’t get any sense of why really? Come to think of it – most characters in the movie feel like “ideas of people” instead of multi-dimensional characters we can invest in. Granted not every movie requires a backstory for every character, but I do want to at least care about some of them?Cobb doesn’t emanate love for who his kids actually are and we get no real sense of them as people. They’re one-dimensional plot devices used to justify his obsession, which is incredibly disappointing. I would feel a lot more for Cobb’s struggle if we could actually feel for and empathize with the people that matter (or are “supposed to matter”) most in Cobb’s life. Also, who the hell is his children staying with after he flees the country? Their grandmother we’re meant to insinuate from the earlier phone conversation? If he was able to arrange for them to have someone to stay with, he would’ve had time to see their faces again, no? Are the grandparents divorced or why does Michael Caine’s grandpa work and live in a different country than grandma but will still be able to bring home “presents” for Cobb’s kids? Is he flying back to the states after the semester? Who gives Cobb the suggestion/plane ticket to flee in the first place and why does he have to leave at that EXACT moment? You mean to tell me he couldn’t have taken 5 seconds to run outside and wave goodbye to his kids to see their faces even while in a rush? Yeah, no.And how long has Cobb been gone from the states exactly after he fled? A few months, a few years? If it’s the latter and the kids still haven’t aged at the end of the movie, why is everyone asking if Cobb is still dreaming? They’re literally wearing exactly the same outfits and have the same hairstyles as the day he left however long ago lmao.I wonder if the studio execs demanded Christopher Nolan cut down the movie’s runtime significantly which subsequently removed a lot of the necessary plot setup scenes, which would be a damn shame. Nolan is a great director, but I doubt an extra 10/20 minutes to smooth out and not rush through all of the aforementioned issues would’ve been that big of an issue. They did a disservice to what could’ve been a truly great story, hence why I keep rewatching.

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    15. Julian Kennedy

      The Prestige: 9 out of 10: Two magicians (Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale) develop a deadly rivalry that threatens them both.Some days I don’t get critics. This is a fantastic film with a wonderfully twisty story, incredible acting, and excellent period detail. Yet it sits at a 75% on Rotten Tomatoes. One of Christopher Nolan’s worse as director. The bloated Dark Knight Rises sits at an 87%It is a bit of a head-scratcher. It did come out during particularly good run of films in the theater ( Scorsese’s The Departed, Eastwood’s Flags of our Fathers) and it wasn’t the only costume drama attacked that weekend (Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette was savaged by critics) Some people didn’t like the end but I think it is more than a bit brilliant. One caveat is that I did like the film more on repeat viewings after a little time had passed. I can see how the initial reaction might be slightly harsher.Still, The Prestige has easily recovered and sits comfortably in the IMDB top 250 a couple of spaces from The Departed. (Time has not been as kind to Flags of our Fathers which is all but forgotten…. However, Marie Antoinette has also picked up some fans over the years and is bordering on a cult classic.)I am not talking about The Prestige simply because I don’t want to spoil it. It is that good and should be seen with fresh eyes. Okay, one more hint it has the second best David Bowie casting ever.

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    16. Stanley A.

      Yesterday was my first experience using the B4FM units as I rode with a friend from 11AM to 8PM through the Carolina country side having charged the units over night right out of the box. It took about 20 minutes for me to install the headset into my full-face/modular helmet requiring some time to position the wires and velcro stick-ons just right to make sure the wires don’t pull when I flip up the face of the helmet and to make sure the ultra-thin ear pieces are positioned in a comfortable place. I chose the full-face mic option (the units also come with interchangeable boom mikes for 3/4 helmets…a nice touch. Once in the helmet, pairing with my android phone was as easy as it could get…as simple as any bluetooth device. The one deal breaker for other units I’ve tried right out of the box has been volume. I have no baffles on my 1500 and only a small fly screen so I need the system be ear ear-busting loud if I want to hear anything at highway speeds….and this unit did not disappoint! Another positive attribute is the manufacturer’s choices to use a standard stereo headset connector for the headset (unlike some that use proprietary connectors so always have to buy their headsets) and the micro-usb charger connector (no need for special wires to charge your unit). My other helmet already has a headset installed, which plugged directly into the B4FM and worked perfectly, saving me the extra work of having to pull that unit out and install the Lexin headset. Pairing the units for helmet-to-helmet comm was a snap. We rode for 9 hours, stopping only for fuel or a quick bite, over hundreds of miles of winding country roads. The units performed perfectly. Even while roaring at highway speeds, me on my Vulcan and him on his Harley, we heard each other perfectly. Pushing the easy to locate intercom button allowed me to switch from listening to music to talking to my buddy and back. Music quality was excellent and after 9 hours of riding, with no comfort issues and having had the units on nearly the whole day, the unit reported power level of still 60%. Outstanding Lexin! Oh yeah, and they look pretty cool too.

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    17. alistairville

      Terrific movie. Like a magic trick, you can’t reveal how it’s done, in this case because reading any spoilers would ruin the movie for the next viewer. However, all the components of the movie are well done. There is great tension between the two leading men which is vital because this is essentially a revenge archetype narrative. There were some fun elements, such as bringing in Nicolai Tesla and showers of discharging electricity. Photography is lovely and the colour tones throughout are consistent and evocative of the period. Recommend.

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    18. Ron M.

      Easy to setup and install. Paired with phone easily. Sound is loud enough to be heard when riding. Would recommend.

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    19. Emmett Ricks

      Let me break it down for you.Design:This helmet packs a lot of features. At the same time, it has a simplified and sleek design. I really like the air vents. There’s a vent on top and one in front that you can open and close for more or less airflow. Also, this helmet doesn’t feel too heavy on my head. I have the previous generation FreedConn Bluetooth helmet and this one is lighter by about 4 ounces.Fit:This helmet fit my head perfectly. The included gloves were a perfect fit as well! I wasn’t really concerned at all if the helmet didn’t fit, though. With my previous helmet, I felt like the fit was a little tight. FreedConn sent me the larger inserts right away with no questions asked which I was super happy about.Audio:Pairing the Bluetooth system with my phone was a snap. I was able to pair quickly and easily. The audio quality is also surprisingly good with plenty of volume! Much more bass response than I expected.Battery:The battery is a little bit tough to get to for charging. Not a big deal, though because it can go around 30 days between charges.Overall, I’m super happy with my purchase. The guys at work even commented on how cool it looks. This is the perfect helmet for me with all the features, excellent audio quality and ease-of-use.

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    20. Guy P.

      For the price I shouldn’t really complain. It does work and the sound quality is good. I’ve made one phone call while riding and the other person said they could hear me fine with no wind noise. The only problem is that everytime it connects to my phone it always defaults the volume to the highest setting so the music is busting my ear drums. I have to always set the volume every time before I start ridding. It would also be nice if the microphone could be disconnected and removed. Often I just want to listen to music while riding and don’t want a microphone sticking in front of me and cannot have that option with this solution. But, you’re not going to find a bluetooth helmet set that sounds this good for a better price.

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    21. R and P

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This headset is surprisingly great. It is really easy to use while on the bike. The large well placed buttons with with wheel to adjust the volume is so simple and intuitive. FM radio function, bluetooth, intercom and being able to use your digital assistant (Siri) and phone GPS hits all the marks for all the features I would ever need. Even using Siri to navigate. Just double click the previous button and tell her “Navigate to Walmart in Dallas, Texas” and you are on your way. Good reception with an extra boost of antenna if needed is a good added feature that shows that whomever designed this product actual put thought into it and cared about its functionality. The reason it is so good is because of the price. Other name brand headsets are over the top pricey with the same features. The sound is prefect for me. My motorcycle is LOUD. I have a full face mask with modular design. I used the foam pads that came with it to put the speakers right at my ear. It works perfect for me. I really don’t need a 7.1 surround sound orchestra audiophile playing going down the road. However, if you want a private beside your ear concert by Elton John you can always upgrade the speakers. Although some wire cutting is involved, it is very simple. Youtube is your friend. But that goes with any headset that you purchase. Overall, for the price you can’t go wrong. I am very happy. This is a great alternative to spending loads of money on a name brand headset.

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    22. Amazon Customer

      Great setup!! Easy to install in my LS2 helmet. Great sound loud enough to hold a conversation at 75mph and my wife couldn’t even tell I was on the bike she thought I was still at work while I was out playing drag knee, go fast and don’t die. On the way to my girlfriends house. If you want a quality headset but don’t require the sena name brand this is what you want!

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    23. Shurman L. Vines

      I recently bought my first bike (a new Vivid Black, Harley Road Glide Special) and did a ton of research on the best helmets to buy. Settled on the FreedConn because it matched my bike colors, was highly recommended, and I wanted the capability to connect with a passenger or another rider, using Bluetooth (if they have a similar helmet). Ordered the helmet and it was delivered as expected. I love the helmet; it fits perfectly and is very comfortable. I have it paired with my phone, to receive phone calls and navigation prompts. I’ve used it every day since my bike was delivered and would definitely buy it again. My helmet size is XL but my hands are XXL; the gloves that were included with the helmet were XL and too small for me. I provided Liveconn feedback on the great helmet and mentioned that I wasn’t concerned about the gloves; they contacted me and are sending me XXL gloves. Great customer service!!!

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    24. Scott J

      This is my first helmet intercom, so I don’t have anything to compare it with, but I did a lot of research before buying and the FX8 really stood out as a great value – and I must agree!Sound:The audio was a little fuzzy, but at least the volume is loud enough to hear, even when doing 70mph on a noisy motorcycle, and the person I was talking to could barely tell I was going fast.Ease of use:The set up is not very intuitive – YOU WILL NEED THE MANUAL – and luckily mine came with a copy because I can’t find it online anywhere. So, I scanned a copy and shared it here. You’re welcome. I had misplaced mine and tried using a youtube video to pair the intercom, but it didn’t help much and I’m not sure how I actually got them to pair up. Without the manual, you’ll never figure this thing out. But at least the buttons are all easy to press – even while wearing gloves – and I really like that the volume is a knob instead of a button. Also, the 2nd time I went to use it, the bluetooth auto connected to my phone and the FM radio was simple to use (once I found my manual to read)

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    25. Doughless

      This is my first Bluetooth communicator. Hands down worth the money! Let’s be honest with ourselves here… This product is going to deliver similar features to most Cardo and Sena helmet communicators at less than half the cost. I managed my expectations though, and I was pleasantly surprised. Upon opening the box, the build quality of FX8 unit feels durable. It has a rubber finish which offers just the right amount of traction. Turning it on and off is quite easy. Pairing it to Bluetooth and other units was also quite easy. I recommend watching their instructional videos on here, or Youtube. It makes ways more sense than reading diagrams. The sound quality was great for me. It not going to be audiophile quality, but you’re too busy riding a motorcycle to care. My favorite part is the volume wheel which is very responsive and feels natural to turn. I’m still figuring out the FM Radio portion… Will report back on that. As for the installation, it was quick and easy for me on my AGV K3 helmet. I didn’t need much else other than the clamp, especially as my K3 helmet already had Velcro earbuds placements inside. The soft microphone works best for me in my full face helmet. In conclusion, I’m happy with my purchase and would recommend this unit to new riders or riders going on a group trip. It gets all the basics right and you don’t have to worry about paying an arm and a leg to replace it.

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    26. Bernie

      The Bluetooth helmet is a great mid priced Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. What was really outstanding was the customer service! I usually wear a large size. They only had the XL in the helmet color I wanted. I emailed them to ask what could be done. They emailed back immediately and said that the liner of the helmet can be changed out to make it large and that they would send me one free of charge. Well after wearing helmet for a week I found that the helmet was actually too tight, even the XL liner that came with the helmet. I emailed them with my new problem….not needing a Large but an XXL. In the meantime the Large size arrived in the mail. They said that they are shipping the XXL liner and I would receive it in 2 DAYS. Which I did. I just installed and it works great. They told me to just keep the Large liner. Wow Now that’s customer service!Highly recommend!

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    27. Johnny Chill

      Memento uniquely tells the story of Leonard Shelby, a man struggling with his own conscience and capabilities, and which people in his life can be trusted. Leonard and his wife were assaulted during a home invasion incident that left his wife raped and murdered, and him with anterograde amnesia. Unable to make new memories, Leonard is determined to maintain purpose and independence through discipline, focus, and revenge upon the man he believes to be responsible.The redeeming value of this film is that it stretches the brain in a way that allows the viewer to somewhat empathize with the condition. It may also sub-consciously condition ANYONE who watches the film to more easily predict the plot OF other psychological thrillers. Through a subjective reverse chronology of color scenes juxtaposed with a semi-objective chronology of black and white scenes, director Christopher Nolan puts the audience in the driver’s seat through the eyes of Leonard Shelby (“Lenny”). Misdirection, misinformation, and missing pieces within different narratives force the audience to decide their own truth in a linear progression, while also feeling a little taken ADVANTAGE of. If there is a moral of the story to TAKE away, it is that through Teddy’s fate we recognize the dangers of deception and misinformation, which anyone can fall prey to. Because all of the main characters are deceitful, it makes it a nearly impossible task to determine which sequence of events actually occurred, external of the home invasion.Struggling to cope with his DISABILITY, Leonard is forced to rely on A more absolute method of fact-checking, and therefore tattoos ‘the facts’ and other important information on his body. He utilizes polaroid pictures WITH accompanying descriptions to help him make some sense of the PEOPLE in his life, and their trustworthiness. He is initially provided information regarding the home invasion incident through phone conversations with [probably] Teddy, a man whose ultimate motives are unclear, but who helps Lenny put together SOME of the pieces regarding the incident. Lenny repeatedly explains to Teddy the similarities between his ‘condition’ and that of Sammy Jankis who had the same condition and whom Lenny had to investigate while working as an insurance investigator before the incident; ultimately Sammy was unable to live with his condition independently because he lacked motivation, discipline, and a specific overall purpose.Lenny has become a capable killer despite his DISABILITY so Teddy exploits this by helping Lenny identify and kill drug dealers named John or Jimmy G while they both make money on the side. After Lenny kills A ‘Jimmy G’ and takes his drug money along WITH his car and clothes, he finds himself in the bar where Jimmy’s girlfriend Natalie works. Like ANYONE probably would in Natalie’s situation, she makes a quick assessment OF what has happened and proposes to take ADVANTAGE of Lenny by using him to get rid of Jimmy’s partner Dodd (who is looking for Jimmy and the missing cash) and possibly TAKE the money. In return for his help, Natalie provides Lenny with DMV information on John G. based on ‘the facts’, and that information reveals Teddy as John Gammel. She also gives Leonard the address of an abandoned warehouse he can use (where incidentally, Lenny has been killing any drug dealer named John or Jimmy G). Lenny then lures Teddy there and kills him- fulfilling his initial plan- to kill PEOPLE with the name John/Jimmy G.Because two different narratives work in the context of an incomplete police report, an alternate narrative suggests that Lenny’s wife actually survived the home invasion but at SOME point was accidently killed by Lenny as a result of his condition. To deflect that guilt, he has created a false narrative that blames a second perpetrator (who got away) for the rape and murder of his wife, and he must now therefore find him and kill him.

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