Car Washer Cleaning Tools WORX HydroShot 40Volt with extra equipment



  • [DRAWS FROM ANY FRESH WATER SOURCE] Lakes, pools, buckets, just drop in the 20-foot hose and start spraying
  • [11x MORE FORCE THAN A HOSE] That’s right, 725 psi is up to 11x more water pressure than a garden hose with a nozzle attached

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    Last updated on April 19, 2023 12:56 am
    Car Washer Cleaning Tools WORX HydroShot 40Volt with extra equipment
    Car Washer Cleaning Tools WORX HydroShot 40Volt with extra equipment


    Car Washer Cleaning Tools WORX HydroShot 40Volt with extra equipment Videos

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    15 reviews for Car Washer Cleaning Tools WORX HydroShot 40Volt with extra equipment

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    1. Adolf Satzinger

      This is the worst thing I ever bought, It advertises that is will boost your hose pressure to 320PSI! This is a fat lie.When I used my water hose with a nozzle, I have more pressure than with the Worx Hydroshot.It might just be enough to wash away loose dirt, but that is it.I am mega disappointed. I have one of the Worx cordless leave blowers, and that one is a good piece of equipment.Again, unless there is something wrong with my unit, this is a piece of trash.

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    2. MEDerby

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This is the second Hydroshot that I own. I also have the original which takes one battery. This one is about 50% more powerful and takes two batteries at a time. I used the original at both lake house and home residence and would take it back and forth. Leaving the original at the lake and will keep this new one at home. This is even better than original as it is more powerful. IF you think these Hydroshots are the same as using a gas powered high power pressure washer, you will be disappointed. Most of those are 1800 PSI, and this is 450 psi. A garden hose nozzle is around 60-80 psi. I find this to be about 5x to 6x more powerful than a garden hose nozzle. What this doe great is clean up patios, porches etc. especially after pollen season, great for washing cars, boat, motorcycle, cleaning out garage floors, etc. I love it and is one of the most used tools in my garage. For what it does it does it perfectly.

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    3. klt1

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This tool is handy to have around the house for the small jobs. I used this pressure washer over the weekend and I was pleasantly surprised. It may not have the power of a big pressure washer but it is plenty for what I want it to do. After cleaning my driveway and garage door, my neighbor used it to get the mold off his portico. You can see in the video how well it did. I still had enough battery to clean my tires and wheels that were caked with mud.I continue to be impressed with Worx!!

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    4. M. Erb

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  UPDATE: March 17, 2019 – I’m updating my review and reducing it to 3 stars. The battery life is disappointing and it just lacks in cleaning power. The batteries have been through 5 discharge cycles at this point in time. I am getting only about 15-20 minutes of operational time. I still believe this to be a very handy device, but it just doesn’t have much oomph for tough jobs and the batteries don’t last long. It’s fine for windows and blowing debris off your patio, cleaning lawn chairs, but for washing my car it’s saving grace is allowing me to use it with 5-gallon pails of water to wet down my car, manually wash it with a micro-fiber cloth, then rinsing it with the hydroshot. It is a better solution to use than just water in a pail and a cleaning cloth though. The pressure is useful, it’s that the pressure alone won’t clean my car. I’ve updated my video review with video of me using it on my car.This is a review of WORX WG644 40V (2.0Ah) Power Share Hydroshot Portable Power CleanerGotta be honest here, I was not expecting this to perform very well. I ended up liking the usefulness of this power cleaner. Admittedly, it is not going to replace the need for a more powerful power washer, but many times I don’t need that much power. Especially when I just want to blow debris off my patio, wash exterior window of my house, wash my car and similar types of cleaning jobs.Perhaps the biggest benefit of this power cleaner is that it is portable and does not require a wired connection to AC power since it is powered by 2-20V batteries. The Li-Ion batteries are 2.0Ah, 36Wh and can both be charged in about 2 hours. The charger allows you to charge both of them simultaneously or you can charge the first one and when it is fully charged in about an hour, it will automatically begin to charge the second battery. This is mostly useful if you have other Worx products that are 20V and you need a battery as soon as possible.The construction and perceived quality of the power nozzle was very good. It does not feel cheap or cheesy.I like that I can use water out of a 5-gallon pail or if convenient, I can hook right up to my municipal water supply using a hose. The included draw hose is 20′ long and you can draw water up to 5′ in height. If you want to use hotter water, you can but not more than 104F.A separate soap bottle is available in case you want to use a cleaning agent but I don’t think it is recommended you draw any cleaning agents through the power nozzle. Use the soap attachment instead.The use of salt water is discouraged but if you must use it, make sure you thoroughly clean it with fresh water after use.This is useful but just for light cleaning purposes. Comes with a 3 yr warranty.

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    5. Patient zero

      Perfect for those who go camping a lot. Or those who might need to use a hose or pressure washer without access to a hose. This thing is amazing. Just put the pickup tube in a bucket of water, stream or it even comes with an attachment to attach to a 2liter soda bottle. Works great for cleaning up muddy boots or other equipment. It will even get some of that stubborn dirt.No it’s not as powerful as a pressure washer but it’s portability makes it a great item to add to your camping gear.I don’t normally push products like this but holy cow this is a great purchase.Only con is the battery lasts about 30 minutes so you’ll want to buy an extra battery.It can be attached to a simple garden hose but this is more for portability so if you’re just going to use a garden hose I would spend the money on an electric pressure washer.

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    6. Kindle Customer

      A few months ago, I purchased a Worx lightweight leaf blower. It was satisfactory, so I decided to try their 20V power cleaner. Big mistake. Although it functions as advertised, it has two great drawbacks. The battery provides only 15 minutes of working time and takes over 4 hours to re-charge. Even more annoying, the quick-connect hose coupler pops off time and time again. Each disconnect soaks the user and requires a trip to the faucet to shut off the water, reconnect the hose to the tool, turn the water back on, and finally return to the work area. The last time I used the tool, the hose disconnected five times before the battery ran out. So disappointing.

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    7. alexander aksutko

      First of all I will start with that I looked for portable pressure washer for along time .I searched around year and my requirements wasportable washer without water and electricity access that will be enough to clean my car , sun terrace and windows with alot of dirt on them .Found this model to be able to satisfy the requirements I need .It is very easy to use , good pressure , delivery was fast from USA to Israel I got it in 10 days even the situation with the covid 19 in Israel .I will recommend this product to anyone who needs portable pressure washer and hope to upload some video and photos with the product soon.Thank you very much and Best regards .Alex.

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    8. Robin Balde

      Bought this to wash our camper. Just hook it up with a bucket of water. Works as good as any other power washer.

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    9. Bill Esposito

      This is a review of the WORX Hydroshot Ultra WG649. 725psiI was looking for a way to clean my black Ram 1500 during the winter without a hose and I thought I’d give this a try.First, all the weight is in the motor which you set in your water source..a 5gl pail in my case, so the pressure wand is basically just a little heavier than the 2 Lithium batteries which attach to it. I found the Wand with the hose attached to be quite comfortable to hold with the only issue being, actually just as with my electric washer, my MATCC Foam Cannon III quick connection connects at the end of the wand making it awkward. WORX sells it’s own foam cannon which connects close to the handle but I’m very happy with the way my MATCC Foam Cannon III works so I’ll suffer through it.OK, so now the test. Even though I could have used my electric washer I decided to use the WORX so I could test it out. I have a 2020 Ram 1500 in Diamond Black Crystal Pearl and it was almost white with winter road salt and dirt so I thought it would be a good test as this is the exact reason I bought the WORX.My process was 1.Rinse off the loose stuff, 2. Use the Foam Cannon and foam the truck and let it sit a bit, 3. Use the two bucket wash method to wash the truck, 4. Rinse off the soap, 5.Final Rinse with Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic wax spray and 6. Dry the truck. So that’s 3 Rinses and a Foam. The foam actually uses more water than the rinse I think even though it takes less time to apply.So again, 3 complete rinses and a foam. Water use was 3 buckets. The 725psi Pressure out of the sprayer was very good, maybe perfect for washing a vehicle and as I’m typing this I realize that I didn’t have the presence of mind to try the low pressure option.I bought the washer on Amazon for $269 which was the cheapest I could find it. I found that it is perfect for my application and while I had to fill the pails, there was even an advantage to using the pails over an electric or gas washer. You know what a pain it is to uncoil your high pressure hose, not once but multiple times during a wash? With the WORX that task is easy because you just let the motor end of the hose spin in the bucket as your getting the coils and potential kinks out of the hose.Also, moving the pail around to the other side of the truck is much easier than moving my electric washer because the electric washer also has a hose and a power cord that you have to drag along. With the WORX it is just the pail.In summary I’m am delighted with the way the WORX Hydroshot Ultra WG649 725psi washer performed. It washed my full sized pickup truck using 3, 5 gallon pails of water and still had battery power left after I was finished. Because it is not tethered to a power cord and hose the maneuvering around the truck was effortless as was keeping the pressure hose straight.

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    10. Anonymous

      Упаковка просто была разорвана и мне на почте передали посылку по частям, сложили в пакетик и отдали, за упаковку 1 все остальное как заказывал, то и получил, все достаточно качественное и цена меня устроила.

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    11. Anonymous

      Se adapta perfectamente a la pistola Worx y es mas manejable que la lanza larga que viene en el paquete.

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    12. Anonymous

      todo perfecto buen vendedor

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    13. Anonymous

      good product

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    14. Anonymous

      Lanza espuma para poder limpiar de manera correcta.

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    15. Anonymous

      Gute Ware zu gutem Preis. Bin höchst zufrieden. Danke Bangood

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