Screen glass protector for Samsung S20 plus Ultra

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  • Only fit Samsung galaxy S21/S21 5G 6.2 inch
  • With perfect design, it can support fingerprint sensor perfect, which differs from traditional tempered glass screen protectors
  • The air-exhausting adhesive makes the tempered glass attach to screen automatically and…

  • Last updated on August 20, 2021 5:52 am
    Screen glass protector for Samsung S20 plus Ultra
    Screen glass protector for Samsung S20 plus Ultra

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    Price history for 2+2 Pack SPARIN Screen Protector + Camera Lens Protector Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21 6.2 Inch, Tempered Glass Screen Supporting Fingerprint Sensor
    Latest updates:
    • $7.99 - July 20, 2021
    • $4.99 - June 8, 2021
    • $5.09 - May 8, 2021
    Since: May 8, 2021
    • Highest Price: $7.99 - July 20, 2021
    • Lowest Price: $4.99 - June 8, 2021



    Screen glass protector for Samsung S20 plus Ultra Videos

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    25 reviews for Screen glass protector for Samsung S20 plus Ultra

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    1. James Z.

      ***EDIT from 10/31/2020***The first protector I installed lasted 2 days before I dropped my phone 6 inches and it cracked across the protector. It protected my screen, but the protector should not have cracked that soon. A few days after, I noticed some prominent scratches on the glass, and I do NOT keep my phone in my pockets with any other items… No explanation.I removed the protector, and the 2nd protector’s film backing would NOT come off with the sticker, like it had gotten stuck over time. The end-result was a bubble-filled application because I had to use my fingernails to get the protector off.I ordered another pack of these protectors, and the items they included were DIFFERENT. They gave me the SMALLEST speaker cover in the world, so small it was impossible to apply correctly. I ended up getting a lot of glue in the front speaker of my phone that I had to scrape out with a sewing needle. The first application ended in a bubble-filled mess, and the second application leaked glue all over my phone. THE NEWEST MODELS OF THIS PROTECTOR DO NOT CONTAIN THE SAME ITEMS AS THE ONES FROM ~MARCH!LONG STORY SHORT: Do NOT buy this screen protector. It is awful, it is messy, and it very well could ruin your phone because it does NOT include the proper covering equipment. The fingerprint sensor also works maybe 75% of the time, and is VERY SLOW to respond. The application is very touch-and-go. Please read my first review below — I GOT LUCKY. I do not recommend this product to anybody.INSTEAD – Purchase the AMFILM Galaxy S20+ screen protector. The installation was much easier and the packaging and items included are much more professional. I applied it easily with minimal effort, AND THE FINGERPRINT SENSOR WORKS BETTER.– OLD REVIEW, March 2020 –(Watch a full installation video BEFORE beginning, and the process becomes very easy! Install the tools and all stickers first. Up until the point the glue goes down, and the protector is on, KEEP THE SCREEN CLEAN. Start in a low-dust area, if possible.)The good:I easily found a video (and they included a link with the order) to install the screen protector. I was a bit apprehensive at first due to the glue that is used, but the video makes it very clear what is required. The included UV lamp to harden the protector was a unique experience.The screen protector was very easy to align using the included tools, and the remove-able “part number 3” really made it easy to perfect the alignment before dropping the protector.Once the glue was spread, I aligned the screen protector as per the instructions, and watched as absolutely 0 air bubbles formed. Every inch of the glue spread across the whole phone, after a SLOW + SLIGHT bit of tilting, and worked out any possibility for an air pocket to exist.The fingerprint sensor STILL works, but you should register your fingerprint again. It might help to register the same finger multiple times for a better effect. I haven’t noticed any significant slowing of the response time on the sensor, but it does seem you have to press a bit more firm. This is an insignificantly easy trade-off to make for a quality protector, and the sensor still does what it should.The bad:THIS PROCESS IS MESSY. This is the only negative I am able to see, and if you are careful and utilize the stickers properly over your buttons, you will not have a problem. Just continuously clean as I describe in the next paragraph.Double… triple… quadruple check once you have the screen protector down. Before you fully cure the glue with the UV lamp, you MUST CLEAN UP any glue that has leaked. Go light on the UV lamp at first, and continue to clean every few seconds. Then, once the phone is clean, let it experience the UV for 5 minutes. Wash your hands if you get ANY glue on you, because it will stick to everything you touch. It is VERY hard to get it off of your phone if you cure the glue. The glue does not damage the phone, and DOES wipe off after some work.

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    2. Michael Ushak

      This is easily the best screen protector I’ve had on any of my curved Samsung phones. Over the past 4-5 years I’ve had several different covers on my S7 Edge and S9+. All of the covers I’ve used previously either bubbled, reduced touch screen sensitivity and/or started to peal from edges quickly. The only real drawback here is that installation and instructions for it. The process is messy and in my case after the fact I had to use a very thin plastic retail membership card to carve adhesive out of my brand new phones top speaker gap. Despite the guides / protection pieces this space filled with adhesive.PROs- Full Display coverage (not edge to edge glass BUT completely covers the actual display)- Excellent touchscreen sensitivity (feels as if there is no cover at all)- Finger Print Sensor WORKS!- Perfect display clarity if installed properly- Works perfectly w/ Samsung’s Silicone CoverCONs- TOUGH to install!!!!!! – In order to achieve all PROs a lot of adhesive must be used – Adhesive spreads everywhere onto everything – Guides/foam glue stops don’t work perfectly (along with carving out adhesive I had to use rubbing alcohol to rub off residue all over the phone) – The USB-C UV light became VERY hot during the setting process

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    3. Anastasia

      This was not at all easy to install. First off, the description says tempered glass, full adhesive. It should say GLUE and add that it is SUPER messy and will get all in your headphone speakers at the top. Second, this does not feel like tempered glass at all. The glue went everywhere and got all in the headphone speaker at the top and I called from the phone after it was finally on and my husband couldn’t hear me nor could I hear him. I had to pick glue out of the speaker and thankfully it fixed the muffled sound (it’s a brand new phone!). And the case, which isn’t anything fancy is already pulling the screen up at the bottom corner. I hope this “plastic protector” comes off ok and the glue mess cleans off easily! I definitely do not recommend this screen protector unless you want to sit around sticking stuff all over your phone and having a gluey mess all over your phone. Wasted 20 minutes of my life!

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    4. Yong

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This is fantastic, easy to install following the video instructions, finger print detection is great, definitely better looking than the screen factory protector.

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    5. Ronny Acosta

      These screen protectors come with cleaning clothes to help clean your screen protector once it’s on. Even comes with wipes so you can clean your screen before applying the screen protector on your phone. For me, I did this at night when I knew I wasn’t going to be using my phone. Once I applied the screen protector, I left my phone on the charger and left it alone till the next morning. Afterwards, I cleaned my phone with the cleaning cloth and I was able to use my phone with no issues. When it comes to unlocking my phone, I’m still able to do so. I was afraid this was the type of screen protector that would have a gap between the protector and the phone but it sits flush with my screen. Whether I’m trying to unlock my phone, text or scroll through, I’m able to do so easily with this screen protector. Easy to install, just follow the instructions. I preferred to wait overnight just to make sure it was securely on my phone. I found that this is best to ensure that the screen protector is really on your phone and doesn’t adjust or move once you put it on your phone. Great screen protector and if I end up using a stylus, I’m able to do so on this screen protector.

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    6. Lila S.

      I have been looking for a good cheap screen protector for my s20 plus for quite some time now and finally decided to try the rufun screen protector. It is a plastic/tpu film rather than a glass screen protector so it sticks to the entire screen as opposed to just the edges. And because of that the in display fingerprint scanner works flawlessl! But it also doesn’t feel like glass and doesn’t quite have the ability to resist fingerprints and smudges as well (that’s why the 4 stars and not 5). I can’t say yet how scratch resistant it is because I have only had it for a couple of days so far, but my initial thoughts are it is pretty good for not being glass. Here is a tip and something I was really worried about, when I installed the screen protector it went on flawlessly and super easy, but it had a line about half way down in the middle of the screen from where you have to crease it slightly when installing, but it said in the instructions that it is self healing and that it would go away in 24 hours and to speed up the process you can use a blow dryer on low heat and rub it gently which I am happy to report that it worked amazing for me! I also had a little hard time getting the edges to stick down, but with the blow dryer and waiting over night they stayed down and so far are staying on even with my case on. Bottom line is it isn’t a perfect screen protector, but it sure comes close in a lot of areas. I would definitely recommend you give it a try if you want your in display fingerprint scanner to work and don’t what to break the bank by buying a more permanent glass screen protector.

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    7. Cappy

      Youtube video instructions were easy to follow, I’m not sure there’s a screen protector install out there that doesn’t have some element of stress in the process (especially if you have a dog who MUST see EXACTLY what you’re doing and risks the stray dog hair landing on your perfectly alcoholed-dried-buffed-fingerprintless and naked screen). I wish the edges of the protector wrapped like 1/18th of an inch more around the edges then it would be perfection (unicorn beatle heavy duty something or another case). I just installed it, going to take a nap now to recover from the stress, but looks like it should hold up well. Fingerprint ID thing worked perfectly.

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    8. N0worries

      1st. Watch the video. Its really cool on how easy it is to put the protector on.2nd. Be careful! the camera lens protector is glass and will break if your not careful3rd. The company has a great customer service. I had a few questions and they answered them right away.4th I already purchase a second box just incase.Very happy will buy a third time if needed just because of the customer service I received form the company. Not Amazon . lol I never contact Amazon. Didn’t have to 🙂

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    9. dcjaime

      When I first opened this up and saw all the pieces, I rolled my eyes and considered messing with this another time. However,I had destroyed my built in screen protector earlier in the week and wanted to get a new one on ASAP, so I watched the instructional video begrudgingly. Bottom line? It may look like a lot, but it’s worth it. It’s actually very simple, but the genius of it is how is removes most margin of error. I can’t remember another time where a screen protector went on this perfectly without multiple tries and sometimes a quick cry. This was fabulous and it looks perfect. I waited until this morning to put my case on, again expecting the worse, but it clicked into place with no damage to the screen protector. No wrinkled edges, no lifted corners. Perfection! Highly recommend this screen protector. Only weak point is that it collects ALL THE FINGERPRINTS.

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    10. BrendaSue

      Easy to apply and smooth to the touch, but this protector substantially reduces touch sensitivity across the entire surface of the phone. Taps need to be made 2 or 3 times and the fingerprint lock is rendered almost completely useless. Too many tradeoffs to make this screen protector useful. Wasted purchase.

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    11. iliana

      Bought mine from HuangMingYong for an S20+ 6.7in the fit was off, the left and right were flagging. My fingernails fit between the screen and the glass. The adhesive was not characteristic of glass protectors I’ve used in the past. In fact the protector slid down about half an inch over 30 mins after placing it.

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    12. Marvellus S. Prater

      The product received was the wrong size

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    13. Darrin R. Lawson

      Install was easy. Screen is protected.. Fingerprint scanner does not work with screen protector installed on S21. I even tried to setup my fingerprint with screen protector installed, but the S21 still said to “press harder” or “please put finger completely on scanner”. Get this only if you always use your PIN or face recognition to unlock the S21.

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    14. Chris Bowman

      The protector makes the fingerprint unusable.

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    15. Sk William J. Sikkens

      Avoid this one. The finger printer reader doesn’t work at all with the cover on. All things tried including adding the finger print again but the phone can’t actually sense through the cover. It also really makes using the touch screen difficult as well.

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    16. Terri Alexander

      Since I can’t use the fingerprint reader it sucks, I put it on by all the directions also. Waste of money.

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    17. Rehmat

      Absolutely loved this screen protector, just bought new phone and was wondering how to secure it and this protector works perfect. My phone screen looks so smooth and shiny. Now I don’t need to worry about my phone screen. No bubbles nothing. Had no problem in touching screen my screen works perfectly. Money worth it and Highly recommended!!

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    18. Chantal M

      Absolutely Terrible. Doesn’t last, don’t waste the money

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    19. Kitck41

      Trash. There’s only adhesive around the edges and the fingerprint sensor. CANNOT unlock my phone nor access apps with biometrics because it will not pickup. Going to Best Buy and getting a real protector instead of one that doesn’t allow me to use the features of this $1400 phone. Wasted my money.

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    20. diana

      Works great. Fingerprint scanner doesn’t work with any of these but I don’t mind. Did my research before purchasing.

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    21. Santiago

      Is good quality

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    22. brittany

      Touch screen for s20 plus didn’t work at all. Maybe they would be alright for phones without the fingerprint lock built into the screen. I followed instructions and changed the correct settings and even tried deleting and adding back my fingerprint but didn’t help

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    23. SC

      Great Fit & Protection no bubbles, easy to apply front and back so protects camera lens as well.

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    24. jesus mendez

      Works pretty good. Feels like it will last a long time

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    25. lovebugandbabycakes

      nice case with tempered glass front and back. the magnets are definitely strong I was worried they might not be very good. came in couple weeks worth the money

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